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Log into the CIB Bank mobile application and approve your transfers easily and securely with fingerprint identification!

A tailored banking experience, just for you

Overview and manage the settings of you app and internet banking, activate and personalise extra features to make your online banking experience really your own.

Why not upload a profile picture, add your nickname, customise your settings and choose from a wide selection of extra features just to suit yourself? Your banking, your way.


Discover how to manage the Scrambled keyboard in Settings

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Discover the key features

  • Your functions

    Make the app and the internet banking really your own by activating extra features and customising the available functions.

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  • Your profile

    Be in complete control of your user profile. Check and update your personal data, choose a nickname and add your favourite profile photo or set up a new PIN.

  • Your source of information

    In Settings you can overview your privacy settings, check the relevant terms and conditions, and read the application info detailing the currently installed version, the mobile device specifics and your last log-in information.

  • Your security

    When entering your PIN in the CIB Bank mobile application, do it with added security. Activate Scrambled keyboard in Settings, and use a keyboard which constantly changes its layout for PIN insertion. Or if you’re tired of typing, just switch on Scan ID, and use your fingerprint for to authenticate login and authorize transactions.

Tailor the app and internet banking to your needs with the following options:

  • Do you have an Apple Watch? Enable the Apple Watch option, and do mobile banking even on your smart watch.
  • Turn on Fast balance and check the current balance of your selected account on the pre-login screen of the CIB Bank mobile application, without having to log in.
  • Activate Easy transfer, and make money transfers between your own accounts faster, without needing to authorise every single transaction.
  • Try Trusted transactions, and mark the account numbers or phone numbers of your most frequent contacts as trusted. This enables you to perform related transactions quicker.
  • Control Notifications and decide which alerts you need to monitor your daily finances.
  • Adapt the elements of your Overall position widget to your preferences.
  • Overview and manage transaction limits related to mobile and internet banking.


Banking made easy.

Discover what’s possible with CIB Bank.

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Banking made easy.

Discover what’s possible with CIB Bank.

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