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CIB Bank mobile application

Get access to useful features even before you log in

Want to find the contact details of CIB Bank in an instant? Are you looking for the nearest branch or ATM? Or need to use a currency calculator?

Different needs, with one easy answer. You will find the solution in the Prelogin area of the app.


Discover the key features

  • User login

    You can access mobile banking by entering your credentials in the Prelogin area. If multiple users are registered, swipe left to select the right profile. If you want to add a new user, just swipe right.

  • Your essential toolkit

    The Prelogin area is a collection of useful tools.

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  • Even check your current balance with a simple swipe

    If you activate Fast balance, you can have a quick look at the current status of your selected account in the Prelogin area.

Check out the extensive list of useful features you can find in the Prelogin area:

  • Need help? Call or email CIB24 customer service with a simple tap.
  • Don’t miss a good offer! Browse the latest promotions of the bank at the bottom of the screen.
  • Are you looking for reliable currency data? Access the built-in currency calculator by tapping on the floating button.
  • Want to get to the nearest branch or ATM? The Branch and ATM locator will take you to the selected location with turn-by-turn directions.
  • Are you about to log in to CIB Internet Banking or CIB Bank Online? Generate secure one-time passwords by tapping the O-Key token.


Banking made easy.

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