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Are you looking for trustworthy information on data protection and safer banking? Want to find the contact details of CIB Bank in an instant?

You will find the answers you need in the Prelogin area of CIB Bank Online.


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  • User login

    You can access CIB Bank Online by entering your credentials (user ID and password generated by your token) in the Prelogin area.

  • Security is everything to us

    We put our security information right up front on the very first page of internet banking. Next to the login box you will find information on the security features of the online banking platform as well as useful tips and news on preventing phishing and online fraud.

  • Extra info

    At the bottom of the page you find quick links to loads of useful information, such as contact details or terms and conditions. You can also access the tutorials and FAQ section with answers to your most frequent security-related questions.

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