#withKEY token

Your key to internet banking

Available on:
CIB Bank mobile application

#withKEY token built into the CIB Bank mobile application

No more worries about where you put your physical token device the last time. Use the built-in #withKEY token function of the mobile app to access CIB Internet Banking or CIB Bank Online and authorise your internet banking transactions.

Your phone is always with you. And now, so is your virtual #withKEY token.


Discover the key features

  • Built-in convenience

    Are you tired of reminding yourself to carry your physical token with you? Switch to the virtual #withKEY token integrated into the CIB Bank mobile application.

  • Easy access

    Find the #withKEY token function right on the Prelogin screen of the app. Tap on it and enter your PIN or use your Scan ID to start generating one-time passwords for your internet banking operations.

  • More secure internet banking

    With the virtual #withKEY token you can get your one-time passwords with added security, since your personal PIN or fingerprint is necessary to authorise password generation.

Banking made easy.

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