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All your loans and leasing products in a compact view

Get an overview of all your loans and/or leasing products anywhere, anytime.

Detailed information about your related instalments is also just one click away.


Discover the key features

  • Loans overview

    Get an idea of the big picture with ease by browsing the list of your loans and leasing products. Use the Quick access menu to select the loan or leasing product you’re looking for. Clear graphic charts give you an instant visual overview of the current status of your loans and leasing products.

  • Zoom in

    Click on any loan or leasing to see the details of each product as well as your last related transactions. Use the filters to easily find only those instalments you’re looking for. If any instalment is due in the next 10 days, you can find a handy reminder on the corresponding loan or leasing summary page.

  • Make it personal

    You can choose to add nicknames to your loans or leasing for better identification. Why not name them after their specific purpose?

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Banking made easy.

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