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Saving a little every day is child’s play

#withSAVE allows you to save small amounts throughout the day straight from the pre-login area of the CIB Bank mobile application, without even logging in. Make savings your daily habit! When you spend less than expected or when you decide not to buy your second chocolate bar in favour of a bigger goal, just open the mobile app and drag virtual coins and banknotes into your virtual moneybox. When you’re ready to transfer your daily savings from your current account to your savings account, simply log in and confirm the transaction.

To start using #withSAVE, activate the function on your mobile app. You can use #withSAVE in the mobile application, but an overview of your #withSAVE savings account is also available on CIB Bank online.


Discover the key features

  • Saving can be fun

    Do you still remember the joy of putting your precious pocket money into your piggy bank as a child? Thanks to #withSAVE you can rediscover the fun side of small savings. Shake your phone and hear your saved coins jingle or if you’ve reached your savings goal and want to transfer money back to your current account, reverse your phone to bust open your virtual money box with a hammer.

  • Small steps add up to big goals

    Watching your virtual moneybox fill as you regularly put in just small amounts of money really shows you the value of small savings and soon that big goal you didn’t know how to save for can be within your grasp.

  • Savings snapshot

    Overview the progress of your savings with easy-to-understand charts or analyse your saving patterns by searching specific days or months. Use your filters to see only those transactions you’re looking for and choose a nickname for your piggy bank to keep in mind what you’re saving for.

  • Even faster transfers

    If you’d like to speed up money transfers between your current and savings accounts, use your PIN to activate Easy transfer. After this you don’t have to use your PIN to approve transactions between your accounts and your saved pennies land in your #withSAVE account even faster.

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