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From now on, you can access your bank account from anywhere on any device within a browser!

On September 15th, 2017, CIB Bank launched a new internet banking, called CIB Bank Online alongside its existing one. The biggest advantage of the new platform is that you will be able to access your bank cards, bank accounts virtually from any device (PC, tablet, mobile), from anywhere, all you need is a single browser.

The new CIB Bank Online platform is under constant development, the list of available features will be expanded gradually, so more and more banking services will become available. To review the currently available features and to watch useful tutorial videos use the website's drop-down menu.

Alongside CIB Bank Online, of course, CIB Internet Bank will remain accessible as usual, offering the full functionality.

Experience how easy banking can become with CIB Bank! Try the convenience that CIB Bank Online can offer now!

Detailed information on its use is provided in the user manual of CIB Bank Online, which you can find under Legal documents.

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