Frequently asked questions relating to CIB Bank mobile application

1. Questions relating to the device

What devices can the application be installed on?

The CIB Bank mobile application is available for the most commonly used mobile operating systems (Android and Apple iOS). Blackberry and Windows mobile operating systems are not supported.

1.1. For Android devices

From where, and how, can I download the CIB Bank mobile application for an Android device?

For an Android device, the CIB Bank mobile application can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store. The download link is available directly on with.cib.hu or on the website of CIB Bank.

Why can’t I install the CIB Bank mobile application?

Because the app can only be installed with an Android 4.1 or newer operating system. The minimum screen resolution is 480x800 or higher.

How can I see what version of Android operating system I have on my handset?

Check it in Settings under About.

The O-Key token does not work on the handset. What should I do? (Instead of the 6 digits, only dots appear.)

Under Settings/Developer settings, set the following to 1x:

  • Window animation scale
  • Transition animation scale
  • Animator duration scale

If Developer settings are not set, select About in Settings and click seven times on “Build number” to make these settings available.

After the Android 6.0 Marshmallow update, the Scan ID function does not work in the mobile application.

With the installation of Android 6.0 Marshmallow, a new type of fingerprint security has been introduced, so the “outdated” old-version fingerprint can no longer be used. You are informed of this when updating the operating system, but old fingerprints are not deleted from the system automatically during the update. Steps to resolve the matter:

  • Delete user from the CIB Bank mobile application
  • Delete the mobile app
  • Delete “outdated” fingerprints from the phone
  • Record new fingerprint with the handset
  • Reinstall the mobile app
  • Request new registration code (via CIB24 call centre)
  • Login

Only one or a few numbers are active on the virtual keyboard used to enter PIN (normally number 1), so I cannot enter the PIN.

Any applications running in parallel are preventing undisturbed operation, thus we suggest to close the applications that are running in parallel while you are using the CIB Bank mobile application. Currently, the operation of the following applications may cause this problem on Android devices:

  • Soft Buttons Lite
  • Bluelight Filter for Eye Care
  • Gesture Launcher
  • Echo Notification Lockscreen
  • Lux Auto Brightness
  • Lux Lite
  • Twilight

For certain types of phones, Messenger and Viber applications should also be temporarily switched off.

The Scan ID menu item does not appear in the Settings menu, although the telephone has fingerprint identification.

At this point, only Apple and Android 6.0+ devices have appropriate fingerprint identification technologies for the CIB Bank mobile application. Thus the function is only available on these devices. If you have registered multiple users on your phone, for security reasons fingerprint identification can only be activated for one of the users.

When the IBAN is entered, the phone automatically fills the field with an arbitrary number. Why does this happen?

The auto-replace function is activated on the device. Because of this, the field is automatically filled out with the proposed text. To turn off auto-replace on a Samsung handset follow these steps: Settings → Language and input → Samsung keyboard settings → Auto-replace.

1.2. For iOS devices

From where, and how, can I download the CIB Bank mobile application for an iPhone device?

For an iPhone device, the CIB Bank mobile application can be downloaded for free from the Apple App Store. The download link is available directly on with.cib.hu or on the website of CIB Bank.

Why am I unable to download the app from the Apple App Store?

Because the app is only downloadable with an iOS 9.0 or newer operating system.

How can I see what iOS version I have on my handset?

In Settings click on General and then on About to check it.

2. Questions relating to registration

Why does the CIB Bank mobile application request access to the following: Photos/Media elements/Files, Camera, Device ID/Location/Call details?

  • Photos/Media elements/Files: You can upload a profile picture in the app, which requires access to the Photo Gallery.
  • Camera: When using Scan & Pay, you need to use the camera of your device to take a photo of the postal order you intend to pay.
  • Location: It is needed to use the Branch and ATM locator.
  • Device ID and call details: They are required to enable a direct call to CIB24 call centre.

Who can use the app?

The service can be used by individuals, sole proprietors and legal entities that have a bank account and/or investment service agreement with CIB Bank, as well as by individuals, sole proprietors and legal entities that hold a clearing account (shopping card account and/or credit card account), provided that they are not joint signatories of the account.

I would like to use the app, but I have neither a bank account nor an investment service agreement with CIB Bank.

The service is only available for clients with a bank account and/or investment service agreement with CIB Bank, thus if you do not use these products, you can request any of them at any CIB branch.

Is it possible to use the CIB Bank mobile application with my sole proprietorship or corporate account, as well?


How can I use CIB Bank mobile application if I have an account at CIB Bank?

Registration requires an amendment to your contract, which can be made in two ways. If you are a sole owner of your bank account and you use CIB Internet Banking, you can easily make the amendment through this channel. If you do not use CIB Internet Banking, or you do not wish to make the contract amendment online, please call CIB24 call centre or visit any CIB branch.

What is the “registration code”?

The registration code is a 16-digit code, which is sent to you in a text message following contract amendment or re-registration. If you are concluding a contract via CIB Internet Banking, registration can be easily completed by reading the QR code displayed, as the app can automatically read the registration code.

What does the registration text message cost?

It is free for all clients.

After registration, the app displays the following error message “Error 131”. What should I do?

This error occurs, if you received the registration code in a text message , but you haven’t activated it on CIB Internet Banking before logging into the app.

Why doesn’t the app allow me to set a 4-digit PIN?

For security reasons the PIN must consist of minimum 5 digits and maximum 10 digits. The PIN cannot be a string of identical or successive numbers.

How can I use fingerprint identification to log in?

If your device supports this function and offers fingerprint-based identification and screen unlock, you can also access the app and authorise your transactions in this manner instead of inserting your PIN. You can change the identification method either during registration or later on. If you want to use fingerprint identification for in-app authorisations, you need to use this method also when logging in to the app. Currently, fingerprint identification is only available on Samsung and iPhone handsets, and please note that it can be activated only for one user per device.

Why doesn’t my registration code work?

The registration code can be used for 48 hours after sending, on one occasion. After 48 hours you need to request a new registration code.

What should I do if I cannot log in to the app? (e.g. I entered the wrong PIN three times, I deleted the app from the device, I cancelled my user profile, or I can’t remember my PIN)

The following message is displayed: “Identification unsuccessful! Please check your PIN. In the case of multiple unsuccessful identifications, please call CIB24 on +36 1 4 242 242.” In this case, for security reasons you need to register again. In this situation, you cannot re-register via CIB Internet Banking, as you cannot log in without the O-Key token built in your mobile app. For this reason, please visit any CIB branch or call CIB24 call centre. After identification our colleagues will assist you.

Why is this error displayed in the app: “Internal service error 500”? What should I do?

If you see this, it probably means that you have mistyped the registration code or you already have a CIB mToken and you tried to switch to the mobile app using the “Re-registration” function of CIB Internet Banking. Please contact CIB24 call centre, so that we can check the status of your contract amendment relating to the mobile app and we can provide you with a new registration code.

Is it possible for a co-owner of an account to use CIB Bank mobile application?

Only if the co-owner has independent signatory rights. If the rights over the account are managed jointly with another person, the app cannot be used by the co-owner.

My user profile has been deleted. What should I do?

Please call CIB24 call centre or visit any CIB branch in person. After identification, you need to request a new registration code.

3. Questions related to O-Key token

What is O-Key token?

The O-Key token is a password generator built in the mobile app, which provides one-time passwords for logging in to CIB Internet Banking, CIB Bank Online, eBroker and mobilCIB applications and for transaction authorisation.

Is it possible to use the old Easy-token for CIB Internet Banking if I am a user of CIB Bank mobile application?

It is not possible to keep the old mobile or physical token when using the mobile app. Following the contract amendment related to the use of the app, you can only log in to CIB Internet Banking with a password generated by O-Key token.

Is it necessary to have active internet connection to use O-Key token?

Yes, online data connection is a required to use O-Key token.

Why am I unable to log in to CIB Internet Banking, CIB Bank Online, eBroker or mobileCIB applications with the password generated by O-Key token?

  • Make sure that you are trying to log in using the right user ID and the password generated by O-Key token.
  • Register again in the app and set the date/time settings to automatic.

4. Questions relating to functions

Why aren’t the following functions available in CIB Bank mobile application: deposit management, loans overview, or foreign-currency transfer?

CIB Bank plans to extend all functionalities available in CIB Internet Banking to the mobile app in the near future.

It takes a long time to load the app and to access the different functions. What is the reason for this?

Please check your internet connection. If it is possible, connect to a Wi-Fi network, as the app runs very slowly on lower bandwidth mobile networks (32 Kbit/sec).

How can I select my favourite account/savings/card?

Under Settings/Overview menu. The account/savings/card you mark as your favourite will be displayed in the Overview widget of your Home page.

Why is it good to use a “scrambled keyboard”? If I do not wish to use it, where can I turn it off?

The app displays a virtual keyboard to enable more secure PIN insertion. This is called a “scrambled keyboard”. Keyboard layout randomisation increases the security level of the app. To disable the function, go to Settings/Sign-in & Security/Scrambled keyboard.

What does “daily/monthly limit” refer to? Where can I change transaction limits?

Monthly and daily transaction limits are set in the app, to regulate the daily (max. HUF 5 million) and monthly (max. HUF 50 million) volume of transactions performed in the mobile app. To change the limits, go to Settings/Products & Services/Transaction limits. Currently, the limits can only be decreased.

What is “Fast balance”? Where can I switch it on/off?

With “Fast balance” you can check your account balance without logging in to the mobile app. If you enable this function, a coloured horizontal line will be displayed on the prelogin screen of the app. Pull this down to check your balance. Fast balance can be managed in Settings/Fast balance , and the following options can be set:

  • Fast balance toggle switch (to enable/disable the function)

  • Display options:

    • Display balance amount with colours
    • Display balance amount
    • Display balance colours (In this case you can set Warning and Critical thresholds; if these are reached, the background colour of Fast balance widget changes.)

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