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How big data is improving solutions across industries

Different industries clearly states that big data has already revolutionized with a clear business strategy and also eliminating the unwanted part in a business.

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How AI is Starting to Influence Wireless Communications

What happens when artificial intelligence (AI) technology arrives on wireless channels?

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How IoT is helping retailers to revitalize customer relations

IoT is the fastest and most efficient processing of data in modern business, helping in creating exciting opportunities.

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5 ways AI can transform customer insight for your business

Understanding the Voice of the Customer (VoC) and using this insight to drive real improvements is critical to transforming the customer experience. However, achieving the deep VoC understanding that brands require means moving beyond simple, quantitative surveys to embrace a wider range of customer data to get a complete picture.

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Facebook is planning to launch cryptocurrency in 2020

Facebook is finalising a digital payments system called ‘GlobalCoin’, which is expected to be available across 12 countries by the start of 2020.

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Financial services chose Bio-Key solution

Two financial services organisations have selected BIO-key to provide fingerprint biometric software solutions on a subscription basis.

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